Winery Surveys

Tried doing your own (DIY) survey? Not satisfied with the results?

You can’t manage the winery customer relationship experience unless you measure it. Customer relationship metrics (from professional, unbiased, statistically relevant, benchmark able and actionable surveys) drive Operational metrics (tasting room, wine club, website, social media) which drive business success, and ultimately, your professional success.

We provide customer relationship metrics that are

  • unbiased
  • statistically relevant
  • benchmark able against your specific competitors
  • actionable

We professionally design Total Customer Experience (CX) surveys to meet the unique needs of

  • wineries wanting to survey their DTC (direct to consumer) winery customers, and
  • winery suppliers who want to survey their winery clients.

Benchmark your results against your specific competitors and the industry.

Wine Club Survey: we measure performance across all points of interaction with the winery to give you the total wine club customer experience (CX) insights you need to increase wine club membership, improve wine club retention, reduce wine club attrition and grow DTC (direct to consumer) winery sales. This would include the tasting room experience, support experience, etc. We benchmark your winery metrics against leading wineries and competitors.

Tasting Room Survey: we give you the insights you need to improve your Tasting Room experience to increase key metrics such as visitation, conversion of visitor to purchase, conversion of visitor to list, conversion of visitor to club, average sales and year over year growth. Benchmark your performance against leading wineries and the competition.

Winery Supplier Survey: we measure your performance across all points of interaction with a winery and benchmark your performance against your competitors.

Wine Industry Survey: we work with you to create a customized survey to meet your specific needs.

Steve Tamburelli

Steve Tamburelli

General Manager, Chappellet Winery

“We did a rather extensive survey of our club and ex-club members that yielded a ton of priceless data. Tons of “ah-ha” moments came out of it. We’re changing a lot of things based upon what we learned. Our partner in this project was Ross Goodwin at the Bennett Valley Group. I would highly recommend Ross and his work.”
Christopher Huber

Christopher Huber

Direct Sales Manager, Cakebread Cellars

“We conducted a wine club survey by partnering with Ross Goodwin of Bennett Valley Group. Ross did a great job from building to interpreting the survey. He’s a 30 veteran of HP and a statistics instructor, so he really knows his stuff. And, he’s a great communicator and meets/exceeds his deadlines and deliverables. We derived really nice actionable items from our survey with him.”
Brian Baker

Brian Baker

VP Sales & Marketing, Chateau Montelena

“Bennett Valley Group did an outstanding job on their survey of our wine club and ex-club membership. They gave us great value for the money, providing actionable insights into our customer base in areas that we previously thought we were doing well in. On a likelihood to recommend scale from 0 to 10, I would give them an 11″
Robert Merletti

Robert Merletti

President, Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine

“At our magazine we continuously strive to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our subscriber base. We asked Bennett Valley Group to assess the attitudes, beliefs, preferences and profiles of our readers. They worked with us to craft a survey to exactly meet our needs and made suggestions on additional areas to explore. We were extremely pleased with the insightful and actionable results that we obtained that will help us increase our value add and maintain our competitive edge.”
Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson

Owner, Benovia Winery

“My wife and I and our winemaker own a new winery in the heart of the Russian River Valley. In the summer of 2009, we retained Ross Goodwin to help us better understand our customers and what we could do to improve our relationships with them. Ross worked with us in developing a survey, then administered the survey and compiled the results in an easy to understand but thorough format. We found Ross to be easy to work with. He’s extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced but still flexible.He got us just the information we needed and we look forward to working with him on future projects.”
The customer experience is of utmost importance to us and we strive to provide excellent service to our guests and club members. Our understanding of who our customers are and how we might strengthen our relationship with them has been improved through inviting their feedback in the form of a survey. Bennett Valley group had the experience to guide us through the process and learn more than ever before about what we can do to improve as a business. It has been both illuminating and comforting to understand how we can be of better service to our key customers.
Kenneth Rochford

General Manager, Medlock Ames Winery

The Bennett Valley Group under the guidance of Ross Goodwin provided some exemplary information from a very well done survey. Ross has a tremendous amount of experience and knows what questions to ask based upon one’s needs. I would highly recommend the services of the Bennett Valley Group.
Russ Joy

General Manager, Patz-Hall Winery