Brand / Total Customer Experience (TCE)


Do you have a total customer experience strategy? Your total customer experience is your brand. At every point of interaction, a customer’s experience adds to your brand reputation, is neutral to it or subtracts from it. Your brand strategy is your total customer experience strategy.

TCE Design and Implementation

We help you move from data to action. We work with your cross-functional teams to review all sources of customer information in order to define high-level customer experiences at critical touch points in your Customer Experience lifecycle. We break these experiences down into prioritized customer requirements and then further into prioritized requirements for your system. Your Customer Experience system will include the intersection of people, processes and technology. We will work with and train your cross-functional team, which includes process and technology teams, in the use of our Customer Experience design process. We will validate the resulting Customer Experience design with your customers. We will help you create metrics with target levels that show the success of your Customer Experience improvement program, which link into higher-level business success metrics. We can help you analyze and calculate the financial value of your improvement efforts to your firm. Finally, we can help you manage the on-going program for your Customer Experience improvement efforts.

Comprehensive Audit

We assist you in the design and completion of an audit of your TCE/VOC (Voice Of The Customer) systems, from data gathering and reporting to your implementation process. We can help you take your systems to the next level so that you can provide increasing value to your senior management team. An audit can also help you determine why you can’t seem to “move the needle.”