“Closing the Loop on Loyalty,” Marketing Management; Spring 1999.

The key to strategy is understanding the customer’s perception of value. The key metric is loyalty.  Click here to download


“What Marketing Wants the CEO to Know,” Marketing Management; September/October 2003.

Create a business success scorecard for brand and marketing programs that helps you allocate marketing spending and set target metrics in support of revenue growth. Click here to download


“Is Offshoring Really Cheaper,” Call Center Magazine; January 2004.

Determine the profit impact of customer satisfaction changes. Click here to download


Selected Presentations and Workshops

Ross Goodwin and Brad Ball have presented at numerous conferences over the last decade. Two examples:

“Measuring and Diagnosing Business Success”

IIR Conference on Marketing, March 2006, Las Vegas NV. Click here to download


“A Step-by-Step Approach to Survey Design, Validation and Implementation” [1-day workshop]

IIR 6th Annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys Conference, May 2002, Orlando FL.